Selected triumphs of the Adipose Avengers in print.

For a complete list of publications from the group, please visit Lorenz' Google Scholar profile.

Biology 101

Lorenz wrote a short manual on Cellular and Molecular Biology for computer scientists, mathematicians, physicists and engineers. The text book was published by Springer Nature. Get your copy today and join us on our interdisciplinary quest deciphering complex adipose biology!

I will survive!

To die or not to die - that is the question, which must be answered at the single-cell level. We studied the molecular foundation of such a cell fate-decision process in blood. The paper was on the cover of Cell Reports.

Smart clinical research?

Terms like machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are on the media allover. But how much of these methods is currently being integrated in clinical practice? We reviewed the state of the art and arrived at the conclusion that there's still a long way to go to efficiently use AI agAInst disease...